Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Sir Julius Vogel Award Finalists


The finalists for the 2016 Sir Julius Vogel Awards have been announced!
I'm thrilled to have made the cut in three categories - Best Novel for "Currents of Change", Best Collected Work for "Shifting Worlds", and Best Short Story for "Drag Marks".  I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to all those who nominated my work and to the organisers of the awards - as well as congratulations to the other authors who were nominated.  This is a great opportunity to showcase New Zealand speculative fiction.
Winners are decided in June and more information about the Sir Julius Vogel Awards can be found here.

The finalists are:

Professional Award Nominees

Best Novel

Ardus - Jean Gilbert

Mariah's Dream - Grace Bridges

Vestiges of Flames - Lyn McConchie

Currents of Change - Darian Smith

Shards of Ice - Catherine Mede

Sun Touched - J.C. Hart

Best Youth Novel

The Caretaker of Imagination - Z. R. Southcombe

Dragons Realm (You Say Which Way) - Eileen Mueller

Brave's Journey - Jan Goldie

Lucy's Story: The End of the World - Z. R. Southcombe

Deadline Delivery - Peter Friend

Best Novella / Novelette

Pocket Wife - I. K. Paterson-Harkness

The Way the Sky Curves - J. C. Hart

The Molenstraat Music Festival - Sean Monaghan

The Last - Grant Stone

The Ghost of Matter - Octavia Cade

Burn (Maiden, Mother, Crone, bk 1) - J. C. Hart

Bree's Dinosaur - A. C. Buchanan

Best Short Story

“The Thief's Tale” - Lee Murray

“Pride” - Jean Gilbert

“Floodgate” - Dan Rabarts

“The Shelver” - Piper Mejia

“The Harpsicord Elf” - Sean Monoghan

“Drag Marks” - Darian Smith

Best Collected Work

Shifting Worlds: a collection of short stories - Darian Smith

Shortcuts: Track 1 - Marie Hodgkinson (ed)

The Survivors: Heroic Edition - V. L. Dreyer

Write Off Line 2015: The Earth We Knew - Jean Gilbert

SpecFicNZ Shorts - SpecFicNZ
Beyond the Veil: A collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy
Lauren Haddock/Jessica Harvey (eds)

Best Professional Artwork

Cover of The Earth We Knew: A Collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy
Kodi Murray
Cover for Shortcuts – Track 1
K.C. Bailey
Cover for Pisces of Fate
Henry Christian-Sloane
Cover for Miss Lionheart and the Laboratory of Death
Imojen Faith Hancock

Best Professional Production/Publication

“Ahead of her time and lost in time: on feminism, gender, and bisexuality”
AJ Fitzwater
In Letters to Tiptree, Twelfth Planet Press
The Face of Oblivion
A LARP written by Catherine Pegg 
White Cloud Worlds Anthology 3
Paul Tobin (ed), published by Weta Workshop

Fan Award Nominees

Best Fan Production/ Publication

John & Lynelle Howell
Jacqui Smith

Best Fan Writing


John Toon
Available in Phoenixine
June Young
Available in Phoenixine
Jacqui Smith
Available in Phoenixine
Terri Doyle
Available in Novazine

Best Fan Artist

Keith Smith

Special Award Nominees

Best New Talent

(Nominations are numbered to aid clarity — the number has no other significance).
1. Jean Gilbert

2. Octavia Cade

3. Y. K. Willemse

4. Eileen Mueller

Services To Science Fiction, Fantasy And Horror

(Nominations are numbered to aid clarity — the number has no other significance).

1. Marie Hodgkinson

Services To Fandom

(Nominations are numbered to aid clarity — the number has no other significance).
1. Glenn Young