Monday, 18 May 2015

Things my book is cheaper than

My book is quite a cheap one, and in the Kindle format
For though I am creative, my book's cheaper than a doormat
It's cheaper than a cafe coffee - one with frothed up milk
It's cheaper than a lotion that tries to make your skin like silk
It's cheaper than a bottle of Coke from the local dairy
It's cheaper than an hour of time with a bloke named Mary
It's cheaper than a bus fare, cheaper than the train
Cheaper than whatever keeps you from the pouring rain 
It's cheaper than a car park in the central city
It's cheaper than just one red rose and maybe just as pretty
It's cheaper than a movie date with popcorn but no movie
Cheaper than that thrift shop thing that makes you look so groovy
But though it is so very cheap, my book will give a thrill
And you're in luck for very soon it will be cheaper still!

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