Saturday, 7 February 2015

"Name My Novel" - Preview and Competition


After much deliberation I've decided to launch one of my novels as an indie publishing project while my agent continues to discuss the others with traditional publishers.  Because, hey, hybridding is all the rage, right?

It's exciting!  This is the manuscript that got very favorable feedback from the Pacific Hearts Award judges (including full marks from one of them) so I'm hoping readers will like it.  But here's the problem: I don't know what to call it.

Normally a title just comes to me and feels right.  With this one, I named it quickly to get it submitted to the PH Award, but I'm not completely convinced.  So I figured, why not let the audience decide?

With this in mind, here's a sneak preview of the back cover blurb and a list of potential titles.  You can vote for your favourite or suggest something else by making a comment below or emailing me at

WIN - Everyone who votes for/suggests the title I end up using will go in the draw to win a free signed copy of the book. 

Sneak Preview of Cover Blurb:

Love is electric.  Power is deadly.
Secrets haunt a family forever.

When Sara O’Neill goes on the run, she believes the tiny town of Kowhiowhio is just the sanctuary she needs.  Her family’s old colonial house needs repair, but it’s safe from the abusive husband she left behind.  However, a hostile local holds a grudge and a dangerous presence haunting her new home threatens Sara’s chance at peace.  How can she create a new life while dealing with ghosts from the old?
For local electrician, Nate Adams, parenting his young daughter alone has not been easy - particularly in a town where he is still seen as an outsider.  When he meets his new neighbour, he sees a chance at a new start for them both.  Even with his help, can the house – or Sara’s heart – be repaired?
Someone doesn’t want an O’Neill in Kowhiowhio.  Sara’s return is awakening secrets hidden for generations. 
Why has the house never had electricity?  What was the fate of Sara’s ancestors? 
Can she discover the ghost’s story before it’s too late?

The truth will set…something…free.

Title Options
Please vote for your favourite or suggest a new option in the comments section or by emailing by 28th February 2015.
  • Currents of Change
  • Static Shift
  • The Ancestors' House
  •  Sparks
  • The Restoration
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  1. the house of hidden secrets

  2. Spark in the dark.

    Sounds like a great book. Looking forward to reading it when it comes out. :-)

    1. I love Spark in the Dark from Debbie. You could use Changing Currents; Sparking Static (sparking means to make out in old-fashioned southern USA); Electric something...?
      Sounds great.

  3. I like Spark in the Dark! Also, maybe, Foundations shift

  4. I like Sparks, or Spark in the Dark.