Thursday, 11 July 2013

Au Contraire, I'm finally there

 Au Contraire

The Au Contraire convention starts today in Wellington.
I'm checked in, registered, tagged, and ready to go.
The weather's not the best, but that's why we're inside with our imaginations, right?

Tomorrow, I'll be presenting for 2 hours on the topic of "Psychology and the Writer - Two Kinds of Crazy".  Yep, how to put my counseling training to use in understanding the relationships and decisions made by fictional people in the stories we write.  Nothing says "real" like being a little emotionally screwed up!

After that, I'm part of a panel discussion on Editing Short Stories.   Aside from yours truly, the panel includes Stephen Michin from Steam Press, publisher of three SJV Award nominated books; established novelist Philip Mann, whose latest work, "The Disestablishment of Paradise" is in stores now; and indie publisher/journalist/editor/freelance writer Jenner Lichtwark.  Their combined knowledge on the art of writing powerful, sellable short stories will be invaluable to anyone wanting to improve their skills.

On Sunday night, the Sir Julius Vogel Awards are presented.  I'm very excited and nervous to be on the ballot yet again.  This time, my story "Wearing the Star Cloak" is one of the nominees for Best Short Story.  I would dearly love to win this, but, as always, it is down to the votes of the people.  If you're at Au Contraire, please read all the entries and be sure to cast your vote.  We nominated writers are eager for your love!

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