Sunday, 24 July 2011

Once upon a time...

When I was eleven, the teacher set us a class assignment. Each student had to write a set number of original stories throughout the year which made up an overall grade.  I remember the groans of despair from classmates and the contrasting excitement I felt.  When I handed in my first effort, a fifteen pager packed with magic, adventure, and adolescent heroes, the other kids thought I was mad and my teacher must have wondered what she'd unleashed. 
Pandora's box was open and my daydreams had found their way out into the world.
As a teenager, I again provided a conduit for my imagination, this time writing my first attempt at a novel.  Somehow inspired by the closing credits of "Denver the Last Dinosaur" this was an epic about a popstar with magical powers and a prophecy to fulfill.  As I typed the closing words I indulged in the warm knowledge that fame and fortune were soon to follow.  All I had to do was set it aside for a few months, then come back with fresh eyes to do a little tweak and polish.
Three months later I read my masterpiece and, with horror, realised it was crap.
In the years that followed, I've written a lot of stuff.  I've had some short works published, won some competition prizes, dabbled in non-fiction and generally enjoyed the creative fun that is writing a story.
This blog is about sharing the next step: becoming a novelist.  I think, at last, I'm ready. 
So...if anyone is reading this, enjoy the ride.  I know I will.

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