Monday, 5 December 2016

Fun Festivals, Armageddon, & the Joy of Paper

So normally I tend to focus on the e-book versions of my books, with the theory that that's where most of the sales happen these days.  Sure, some bookstores are stocking the paperbacks (please go to your local bookstore and ask them to get my books in!) and some libraries are too (please go to your local library and ask them to get my books in!) but mostly it's ebook sales on Amazon that I see in my sales reports.  There's a logic to that - ebooks are cheaper, and you can access them instantly.

BUT...over the last couple of months I've gone to events where the focus was on actual paperbacks and actual people face to face - the Armageddon Expo and the NZ Book Festival.  I'd almost forgotten how much joy there is in handling a proper paper book, feeling the cover, turning it over in your hands and reading the blurb on the back.  It was great to see people doing this with my books. 

Even better, seeing actual readers who enjoy my work and talking to them about what they love to read is SO MUCH FUN!  There are some amazing people around and even my strange little introverted self really enjoyed meeting them and sharing the enthusiasm for books. 

Once I'm finished with Starlight's Children (the second Agents of Kalanon book) I think I'll start looking out for other events I can attend.  In between writing the third one, of course.

So if you see me around, by all means come and say hi!  Get your book signed, and have a chat.  And if you decide to cosplay one of my characters, like the brilliant fan below, you will absolutely make my day!

Top: My stall at the NZ Book Festival
Middle: The SpecFicNZ stall at Armageddon
Below: A cosplayer as the goddess Ahpra, from the Agents of Kalanon series (note the tears where the goddess cried over her husband and brother and thus created the River Tilal)

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