Saturday, 5 December 2015

Launching Short Reads

As the year comes near the close and I'm busy working on my next novel, it occurred to me that it might be fun to release a few of my short stories from the Shifting Worlds collection as single short reads available on their own for $0.99.
Those of you who have seen the Shifting Worlds cover may have realised that the objects in each of the bubbles relate to particular stories within the collection. The stories being released on their own will use the related bubble as their own cover, showing how they connect to the cover from the collection itself.
 The first two stories are available now. Others will be released throughout the next couple of months.
 Don't forget, you can get the entire collection of 16 stories for just $2.99  on Amazon.
A Suitor
In a world where magic can be gained or lost through physical intimacy or with blood, falling in love means sharing your power and trust is hard to find. When Marcus Delanio sets his sights on the most magical - and nearly immortal - woman in the city, she must decide what she is willing to risk for a final chance at love.
Drag Marks 
Drag queens may not be the expected heroes of a zombie apocalypse, but these two make survival look good. They're joining up with a disabled neighbor to fight off reanimated corpses. Who says the end of the world can't be faaaabulous?

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