Saturday, 19 July 2014

Pacific Hearts Award

The finalists for the Pacific Hearts Award have been announced and the winner will be revealed at the Romance Writers of NZ Conference next month.  This award is a fantastic opportunity for writers of the genre to make their mark and obtain feedback on their work.

Congratulations to the finalists: Becky Watts, Lizzi Tremayne, and Sheryl Buchanan.  Good luck!

My own entry didn't make the finals but received some excellent comments from the three judges who graded it, including:

A gripping opening.  Lots of elements and a strong writing pace.
Well formed characters. 
A great sense of timing with the plot line.  You are talented as a writer... I hope to buy a book one day that you have had published.
I was soon caught up in the had your reader or this reader from the very beginning.
I really enjoyed the mystery and mythology.
Your characters were so diverse and different it added to the book.
This was an excellent read.

 Overall, they gave it scores of 80/85, 85/85, and 63/85.  Not bad for a bloke who doesn't really write romance!

My next step for this particular novel is to expand it a little as I have some ideas that didn't make it into the version I entered and then see what my agent thinks.  I'll either have him find a publisher for it or put it out as an indie title.  I haven't yet decided.  Watch this space!

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