Thursday, 16 January 2014

MDA Short Story Competition Extended!

So let’s be honest. 
Running a short story competition over the Summer holidays sounded like a good idea but in reality we all sat on the beach and ate pavlova ‘til our brains melted.
So we’re changing things up!

You now have until February 28th to enter the Muscular Dystrophy Short Story Competition.

First prize now includes: Publication in the nationally distributed In Touch Magazine, a Nokia cellphone, a petrol voucher, and a commemorative pen
Second prize: A bottle of wine and a commemorative pen
Third prize: A commemorative pen
Best story from an entrant under 20 years of age: a video game and a commemorative pen

100% of the $5 entry fee still goes to supporting our work with New Zealanders who have neuromuscular conditions and their families.  Imagine if your body grew weaker over time and you needed a wheelchair to get around or were unable to lift your arms to brush your hair.  For many people with neuromuscular conditions, this is their reality. 

Entries are welcome from all ages, topics, and genres.  Maximum 1500 words.  Winner will be selected by celebrity judge Judy Bailey.

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