Saturday, 21 July 2012

Blood and Tears - The Final Battle

I have just, after struggling with it for some time, finished writing the climactic battle scene for my novel. 

Just like the characters, I feel almost as if I've been fighting for my life!  Wrestling the words onto those pages was one of the more difficult tasks of the whole book.  There's something extra about the pivotal end scenes.  Everything comes to a head here. Everything hangs on what happens.  The entire story has been building up to this.  It has to be good!

But, scary as it was, I managed to battle it out with just a keyboard and my imagination. 

The pen (or laptop) is mightier than the self-imposed pressure and insecurity.  Woohoo!

Meanwhile another fun thing for me today was seeing my article on revision for writers coming out in the SpecFicNZ Voice.  A suitable irony given that I'm not looking forward to revising this most recent scene!

 The article can be found at if you'd like to have a look.

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  1. Well done finishing a novel (a WHOLE novel!!!!) - I aim to knock one such b**tard off at some point, but the re-write always scares the hell out of me. So thanks for the great article about revisions. I'm actually beginning to enjoy revisions - but then, the longest thing I've had to do it for so far is a mere 25000 words....